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Our message isn’t resonating with our audience. I can help you examine and execute effective strategies on your visual branding. We are a start-up with backing but no brand. We have graphic design solutions for start-ups that utilize our big-agency brand experience backed with the support you need to build your brand. Our customer communications are inconsistent and we don’t know how to fix it. We help sort and solidify your visuals and messaging.

Expand your brand design. helps you create a library of newly branded materials. We design print materials, promotional folders, even large tradeshow displays for clients of all sizes. In addition, our identity branding services help ensure that the look and feel of all of your materials remain consistent in everything you do.

Brand Identity & Visual Branding Portfolio by Capsaicin Designs

Branding For A Local Honey Company

Bee Hive Co. is an organic Honey Company in Texas. For over a decade the Karen family has been providing good honey to the community at their local farmers market. Their honey is unique, raw and unfiltered in flavor, color, texture, and quantity due to location, weather, and floral source. So we decided to go with a Bee for the logo since bee stands as a symbol of activity, work, diligence. Brown color brings to mind feelings of warmth and comfort. While Yellow is a happy color with many positive associations. The fonts were sans-serif family. This Brand identity guide was developed. 

Personal Branding For A Therapist

Carloyn from Rapid Transformations in framingham, ma needed a complete branding package for her local business rtwithcarolyn. she is a rapid transformational therapist who uses hypotherapy to help her clients uncover their truth & help them step directly into the life they've always desired. she wanted to bring a very organic feel to her branding and hence the intials were handlettered and the color palette were coral combined with a pairing font. She got a primary logo, a secondary logo and a submark logo so she can use it thru out her branding for various assets. 

Branding For Interior Design Studio

Commercial and Residential Interior Design in Hudson.

They have  with clients across the country. Their described their brand with adjectives like modern, neutral, vintage, stable, professional, reliable . Designer Amanda creates innovative solutions to elevate homes and businesses to their greatest potential. The colors chosen for the brand portray's an opportunity for fresh starts, neutrality and balance. Silk Serif was the typography used to say they are timeless, evolving, clean and chic.

Branding And Graphic Design - Photography 

This project was about Logo Design and Branding for Wild Flower Studios. Wild Flower Studios photography is a mix of staged & directed lifestyles with minimal direction and chaos. The brand's personality is to capture organic, candid moments for their clients. This logo was designed with this quality and aspects in mind. Kachine Font gives  a light and fresh feel to the brand. Purple color is used for creativity, wisdom, dignity, beauty, peace, enjoyment, and magic. ​

Branding And Product Packaging - CBD Product

Good CBD oil from colorado is a Full Spectrum CBD Oil product that is derived from hemp and may also be referred to as CBD-rich hemp oil, hemp-derived CBD oil, CBD-rich cannabis oil, cannabidiol, full spectrum hemp, PCR (rich phytocannabinoid) or PCR hemp extracts or simply “hemp extracts,” as they usually contain more than just CBD.

This project was a complete branding package that had primary logo, secondary logo, pattern with product packaging. 

Rebranding and Logo Design For CabinetMaker

Walter Lane Cabinetmaker, LLC  came for a rebranding project. They create fine custom cabinetry and woodwork.  Today the company creates high end cabinetry for any type of home and style.  They wanted a very minimal monogrammed logowith their initials  for their brand to use them across platforms for both digital and their printing needs.

Client Testimonial



I love my new Logo and Branding!! Thank you for all your patience and communication during it all. I highly recommend for any design you're looking for.

— Carolyn, Framingham, MA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Quotes depend on the company. Rebranding a large multinational with a 50-year history is a different proposition to designing a logo for a new corner shop. That’s why there are some things I need to know before I can send a proposal. To start the conversation, send me an email telling me about your business, where you want to take it, and how you’d like me to help.

What’s your design process?

Most of my work includes the four stages of research, creative strategy, design, and implementation. They’re briefly explained here.

Do i get a brand styling guide?

This depends on the budget and the agreed deliverables on the project as discussed in the contract.


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