About Priya Anand & Capsaicindesigns.com, Worcester County, Ma.

US Freelance Graphic Designer and A Full-Service Graphic Design Studio based in Worcester County, Ma. In recent years I’ve simplified my website in terms of content, page layout, and other aspects that will help my website become more mobile-friendly. My style is more of a: clean, simple & functional design rather than: a busy, fancy showcase style. I love the minimal approach, which means my designs are lean, clean, and fast but not overly fancy. 

I help business owners reach prospects, engage audiences and win new customers with professional graphic design and marketing services. I would spend hours working on a project in the studio to get it just right and loved every minute of it.  

I’ve worked in several different areas of design. I bring my enthusiasm for design into every aspect of my business, as well as the client work I do today.

If you want to know more about what it's like to work with me, let's talk! 

My Design Process

Step 1: Meeting and Questionnaire

  • Getting to know you and your business.

  • Establishing trust and clear communication between us.

  • We will start with a detailed questionnaire, which will help me understand all about you and your business, competition, and target audience. Based on your responses, I will create a goal list for the project.

Step 2: Research and Discovery

  • I will know your business inside out. This will help me deliver a design that represents the uniqueness of the company or product.

Step 3: Idea generation and Design

  • The ideas explored on paper will then be designed with suitable software. It could be any software from the adobe creative cloud.

Step 4:  Presentation of the Design

  • The final approved design is then presented for revisions and corrections. If you have any questions at any point, I’ll be available to help and support you ongoing. Once the presentation process is completed, we deliver you the final files. 

Step 5:  Final delivery and Support

  • I'll send the final files straight to your inbox, and the full copyright of the designs is yours.

  • I'll explain your design folder with various files exported for web and print usage.If at any point you have any questions, I’ll be available to help and support you ongoing.

--> Trusted By Small Businesses You Trust.

My Story

I’m Priya Anand, the founder, and owner of the graphic design studio Capsaicindesigns.com, based in Worcester County, Ma.

I strongly believe that intentional good design creates better emotional connections with people.

I have a formal education in Computer Applications. At Capsaicin Designs, I am the graphic designer and the website designer.​ Capsaicin Designs is currently a home-based business in Worcester County, Ma. I've worked with local, small companies and agencies across the US. My satisfied clients range from local businesses – established to start-ups and non-profits.

I love working with local businesses in Worcester County, Ma because I enjoy meeting local business owners.

I've worked both as an in-house designer in the agency and an Independent Contractor along the road. The agency environment has taught me to juggle multiple tasks and to work fast and efficiently. While working in-house, I learned to follow brand guidelines and to be creative by still maintaining consistency. Lastly, my freelancing work has strengthened my communication skills with clients and developed my independent problem-solving abilities. My combined learnings from these three worlds have given me the experience and confidence to work with amazing clients from around the US.

As a passionate and motivated professional, I'm constantly striving to improve my techniques, expand my skill set, and find new opportunities to grow. Each of my projects has provided this growth and allowed me to establish myself within this competitive industry. If you are interested in references or learning more about my background, don't hesitate to contact me directly.

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